Terms & Conditions


1. You will be required to accept the "Terms and Conditions" as a condition of the application
2. Proceed to sign up
3. An email and sms will be sent to the user immediately after sign up containing your username and once off password.
4. You will be required to sign in using the username and one time password.
5. You will be required to change your password for security reasons.
6. Proceed to register by completing “My Company/Entity Details”
7. The Information provided in the registration will be deemed correct and complete. The owner is therefore advised to check the content before submitting.
8. In order to be considered in any future sourcing processes please complete all sections and submit all required documentation.
9. The application should take about 30 minutes but can be saved and completed at another time if necessary.
10. . User authorised by the Supplier to access the Santam System can be added by the owner/manager by selecting “Manage Users”
11. The said users will receive an email notification with a link to sign-up


1. Please note that by submitting your information, does not automatically qualify you as a preferred supplier.
2. For Technical Support or general enquiries please contact :

South African Vendors : Supplierportal.support@santam.co.za
Namibian Vendors : Supplierportal.support@santam.com.na
All other Vendors : Supplierportal.support@santam.co.za


The following terms and conditions, code of conduct and procedures (hereinafter collectively called “ Terms and Conditions” governs the access to the Santam System of records, data control, data storage and the Santam Supplier Portal (“the Santam System”)


In these Terms and Conditions the following terms and expressions shall have the meanings assigned to them hereunder:
“the Company” shall mean The Sanlam Group herein represented by Santam Limited , a company duly registered in terms of the laws of the Republic of South Africa, with registration number 1918/001680/06;
“the Supplier” shall mean any potential or contracted supplier of the Sanlam Group ;
“user(s)” shall mean the Supplier and also include all employees of the Supplier to whom access to the Santam System has been given;


Access control
Users are supplied with one or more means of user identification (user id’s and/orpassword) that will grant users access to certain specified services in respect of the Santam System:

• Update your company details
• Participate in Open Tenders, Requests for proposal, Requests for information, Requests for Quotations (RFXs)
• Upload Catalogues
• Contract Price Adjustments
• View and Sign Contract Electronically

The users will be expected to supply a password to be used in conjunction with each user ID. The use of a user ID is strictly for the use of that user only, and passwords may not be divulged to any other party. Users are obliged to change passwords frequently, and to avoid using a password that could easily be guessed (own first name, name of spouse etc.). Users must log out (sign off) when leaving your workstation un-attended. For short periods of absence the Santam System will time out for security purposes and users will be required to log in again.
The Supplier is entirely responsible to manage its portfolio on the Santam System by complying, inter alia, with the following: –

• Ensure that passwords of all users are kept confidential (no user must give the password to anyone else);
• Activate and de-activate users access or access rights
• Be responsible for all activities conducted on the Santam System by users, granted the access to do so with or without the knowledge of the Intermediary;
• Notify the Company immediately of any unauthorised use (use that you did not consent to) of users ID’s and/or passwords or any other breach of security that users know of;
• The Supplier shall be liable for losses suffered by the Company or a third party due to someone other than a user using the user’s user ID and/or password.

Users are fully responsible for the data in their possession, and it is the user’s responsibility to ensure that it is adequately protected against unauthorized access. This means that users are obliged to adhere to the access controls and other security measures that the Company has provided to the users and to take prudent and reasonable steps at all times to limit access to data in the users possession.

Access and usage policy
Access to and use of the Santam System is subject to the Company’s Information Security (the “general” section of this policy) and IT Usage policies, which is available on the Intranet of the Company. Users are entitled to contact the Company’s support desk to obtain a copy of these policies at any time.

The following procedures must be adhered to at all times when users are granted access to the Santam System:

1. Access and usage is subject to these Terms and Conditions having been signed by the Company on application of the username and password at registration of access to the Santam System.

2. Access to the Santam System may be granted to the authorised personnel employed by the Supplier who are responsible for certain administrative tasks or functions contained in the agreement and which are to be carried out using the Santam System. The Supplier remains the responsible contracting party irrespective of whom the Supplier authorises to use the Santam System.

3. Any request to amend the access of users to the Santam System must be referred to the relevant Company manager. Examples of occasions that may result in amendments to access and usage of the Santam System are as follows:

i. Manage Contracts
ii. Manage Catalogues
iii. Price Adjustments
iv. Reset Passwords
v. Add users
vi. Respond to RFX